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Ready To Make Some Important Career Choices?

Career Records was launched in the fall of 2002 by Deniz Tek and Ron Sanchez as an outlet for their many musical projects. The label is fully self contained, with a small circle of of musicians and artists who lend their talents as needed. God's Little Ear Acre is the in house recording studio where much of the work is carried out.


The goal has always been to work with select group of artists we respect. While we might like to have signed others, our small roster, Donovan's Brain, The Nomads, Roy Loney and Deniz Tek are the priorities for us at the moment.

Career Records also  maintains a mail order shop, offering all the the Career releases, and a number of other related items. We also administer distribution for The Last Of The Bad Men and Richard Treece. You will find Career Records music on CD Baby and iTunes, and a dozen other digital platforms if you prefer to shop there.

As well as the shop and artist information, you will find photo galleries, essays about what we do and reviews of artists and music we like, Ron's radio show play lists, and a news page that is updated regularly.

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February 15, 2015
Donovan's Brain, Nomads and Deniz Tek Reviewed



January 27, 2015
Donovan's Brain and Deniz Tek Back In The Studio

Deniz has been recording vocals for his new album this last week in Hawaii. Bob Brown has flown over to do the recording. A session has been booked for the Sping in Bozeman. Two new tracks weill be recorded as well as guitar overdubs.

Meanwhile finish work on the Donovan's Brain album has resumed. 14 songs have been selected for inclusion on the album. A work list has been drawn up and everyone assigned tasks.

Shambaholic was review on the Terrascope website. Read it Here

Shambaholic and the recent 7" releases should now be found on iTunes and other digital platforms. The Deniz Tek 45 has been expanded to include three bonus tracks. These are from the same live session that produced the b-side cove of Oh Well. You can read the I-94 Bar review of the latter Here


December 24, 2014
Radio Birdman Paddington 1977 and Radios Appear Vinyl Now In Stock

The career shop is now taking orders for the Radio Birdman Paddington Town Hall double album and the Trafalger Edition of Radios Appear. The Box Set is now sold out. We are unable to get more copies. There are no plans to repress this at this point. Buy Here


Novenber 24, 2014
Deniz Tek Live On Rabid Track

November 4, 2014
Donovan's Brain - Shambaholic Now Streaming At Green Monkey

The new Donovan's Brain release Shambaholic has been chosen the Green Monkey Album Of The Month by label boss Tom Dyer. The complete album and bonus tracks are streaming all month at Green Monkey Records     LIsten Here


October 25, 2014
Order New Deniz Tek And Donovan's Brain Releases Now

We are now shipping orders for the three latest Career Records releases. Denz Tek's Crossroads, The Brain- Nomads Split EP and Shambaholic are selling briskly, with copies sent to the far ends of the world. We expect all three to sell out.

Career Records Shop


August 26, 2014
New From Career Records

The third part of our newest release is now headed to press. Twenty years after it was originally completed Shambaholic is now set for its first release. The 16 songs have now been mastered and the cover art is complete. The limited edition Shambaholic CD will only be available by mail order from the Career Records Shop. The album will be bundled with a copy of the rare Light Proof Visions EP which contains four original 1994 Shambaholic mixes.




July 6, 2014
New Donovan's Brain Release
Deniz Tek Live Radio Session

Donovan's Brain appear on the the Dwight Twilley Tribute, Twilley Won't Mind. Released this week. Other participants include Michael Carpenter, Matt Keating, Spike Priggen, and True Stories (Bart Mendoza). This limited edition CD is now available from the Career Shop.

Deniz Tek recorded a live session and was interviewed for Jack Rabid's Big Take Over Show on Break Through Radio. The show debuts June 9th. This session features Deniz backed by Ric Parnell, Bob Brown and Ron Sanchez, the group that recorded the bulk of the Detroit album. The two hour show features four songs recorded for this broadcast, interview and some choice records selected by Jack.



June 10, 2014
Roy Loney Tears Up The North West
Deniz Tek In Europe

Roy Loney played two North West shows this weekend with the Trip Wires and The Minus 5. The show at Mississippi Studios in Portland was a barn burner. Scott McCaughey sat in on piano and vocals. The show was professionally recorded and may find a release in the future.

Deniz Tek's tour has gotten off to a good start. Nick from the Nomads dropped in on the Stockholm show to say hello.



June 2, 2014
Donovan's Brain Lost Album Restored

Donovan's Brain have set aside work on the new album to complete work on the unreleased 1994 album Shambaholic. The current plan is to release this at the same time as the new EP. This limited edition CD release will include the original 12 track album, 3 songs from the Butterfly Wheel cassette and the unreleased title track recorded for the Eclipse And Debris. Ric Parnell has recorded new drums and the band have added some new parts. The whole lot is currently being remixed. You can read more about this at the Donovan's Brain page.








May 17, 2014
Deniz Tek In The Studio And On The Road

Deniz returned to Montana this month with the goal of recording the basic tracks for his new album. Work began in Billings where the thirteen new demos were reviewed. Time was also allotted to add guitar solos on two of the new Donovan's Brain tracks. The following week the Deniz, Ric Parnell and Ron Sanchez regrouped in Bozeman for three days of recording. The final day was dedicated to recording a live in the studio performance which will be broadcast in July. One of the live tracks, a cover of the 1969 Fleetwood Mac single Oh Well has been selected for the B-side of a new Career single. Another single will be available at the tour merch table. This one features the album track Can Of Soup on the top side. The flipside is a previously unreleased instrumental Song For Dave.


28/05 LANCASTER, PA - USA - American Bar & Grill
29/05 NYC - USA - Bowery Electric (w/STEVE WYNN & The Miracle 3)
30/05 LONG BRANCH, NJ - USA - Brighton Bar
03/06 OSLO, NORWAY - Kulturhuset 
04/06 MOSS, NORWAY - Tivolikjeller 
05/06 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Lilla Hotellbaren
06/06 HALDEN, NORWAY - Feelgood
07/06 GOTEBORG, SWEDEN - Henriksberg
08/06 MALMO, SWEDEN - Folk & Rock
09/06 HAMBURG, GERMANY - Hafenklang 
10/06 BERLIN, GERMANY - White Trash 
11/06 TBA
12/06 NANCY, FRANCE - Royal Royal Pub
13/06 PARIS, FRANCE - La Mecanique Ondulatoire 
14/06 KORTRIJK, BELGIUM - The Pit's 
15/06 HONFLEUR, FRANCE - La Batolune 
16/06 ROUEN, FRANCE - Le 3 Piece Muzic Club 
17/06 KOLN, GERMANY - Sonic Ballroom
18/06 BAYREUTH, GERMANY - Schokofabrik
19/06 GENEVE, SWITZERLAND - La Graviere - Les Acacias
20/06 STUTTGART GERMANY - Goldmark's 
21/06 ARCO (TN), ITALY - Festa della Musica
22/06 ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - Wirtschaft Zum Transit 
23/06 VOGOGNA (VB), ITALYLa Loggia del Leopardo
24/06 BRESCIA, ITALY - Lio Bar 
26/06 LA SPEZIA, ITALY - Boss 
27/06 ANCONA, ITALY - Fun House 
28/06 BUCINE, ITALY - Spectre Club
29/06 BARZANÒ (LC), ITALY - Fin Qui Tutto Bene Festival
30/06 TBA, ITALY
01/07 ZANÈ (VI), ITALY - Cascina Irma 


March 27, 2014
Deniz Tek New Record And A European Tour

Deniz Tek will be returning to the studio in early May to resume work on the follow up to Detroit. Several songs were recorded in the summer of 2013. It is hoped the balance of the album can be tracked over the two days scheduled. Deniz, Ric Parnell and Bob Brown will also be recording a radio session for Jack Rabid. Time has also been booked for Deniz to added guitar to the new Donovan's Brain album.

Dates for a June European Tour should be confirmed soon. What for that announcement.


January 27, 2014
New Release 2014

Expect a pair of singles at the end of summer. The plan is to release a Deniz Tek 45 and a Nomads - Donovan's Brain split EP. This will be all unreleased material. Deniz plans to record the A-side when he visits in May. The flip was recorded during the course of the Detroit sessions.

Donovan's Brain are offering up a song recorded for Turned Up Later, but not used. A second Brain track may be added to their side. The Nomads contribute a cover of an unreleased Brain song they recorded in 1999. This also features appearances by Richard Treece and Ron Sanchez.


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