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18 May, 2011
Donovan's Brain Recording Round 4

ric parnellRic Parnell returned for what might be the final major drum session for the Donovan's Brain album. We continued on with the parallel projects; the new albums and archive material. Anything worth revisiting was transfered to hard drive and updated. In all, 14 songs were overdubbed this weekend.

The next session will be dedicated to work on the Deniz Tek album. There remain two or three Brain songs which we might work on as well if time permits. There are currently 29 songs on the list. The feeling is that it is time to begin serious overdubs.




3 May, 2011
Deniz Tek On Stage With The Stooges

iggy and denizDeniz joined the Stooges for the Ron Asheton Benefit at Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor Tuesday, April 19, 2011. James Williamson played guitar for the first part of of the show, and Deniz took over for the encores. You can read about it in Rolling Stone, and Deniz's own recollections at the I-94 Bar.







1 May, 2011
Penny Ikinger -Radio Interview



11 April, 2011
Donovan's Brain - The Micky Jones Tribute CD

micky jones tributeDonovan's Brain contributed a song to the just released Micky Jones Tribute Album. Micky was the lead guitarist in legendary Welsh band, Man as well as 60's popsters The Bystanders and his own band. The tribute was assembled by Martin Mycock and features 8 tracks recorded by friends and fans. Ron and Deniz interpret a home demo piece known only as "Violin Thing". All proceeds from this album will go to charity. This is a very limited pressing. Career has secured a couple of copies to pass along.

Visit the Career Shop for detail





8 April, 2011
Deniz Tek - On Tour
Citadel Years Now In Stock

deniz tek rob youngerDeniz and band have been marching across Australia, promoting the Citadel Years release. Rob Younger and Hana Tek have joined them on stage.

A review of the album has been posted at the I94 Bar.

Paul Window reviews the Melbourne gig here.

The new Deniz Tek solo compilation, The Citadel Years, is now available at the Career Shop.






29 January, 2011
Deniz Tek - Australian Tour

dt citadel yearsA two disc compilation of solo material and collaborations is due to be released in mid March on Citadel. A short Australian tour is also booked for March. Deniz will be accompanied by bassist Andy Newman and Art and Steve Godoy, from The Golden Breed.



•Thurs 31st: Sydney - The Sando
•Fri 1st: Newcastle - Wickham Park Hotel
•Sat 2nd: Melbourne - The Espie Front Bar
•Sun 3rd: Wollongong - The Patch
•Fri 8th: Lismore - Italo Club
•Sat 9th: Brisbane - Beetle Bar


24 January, 2011
Working In A Hit Factory

Donovan's Brain have been back in the studio since the beginning of the new year. After a productive session with Ric Parnell in December, another weekend was booked for the 15th and 16th. This deadline meant Colter would have to come around to record his new songs. Bob Sutliff and Ron each had one more song ready for drums. There will most likely be one more drum session in the near future.

brainWhile the primary goal has been work on the new Donovan's Brain album, time has been dedicated to the Shambaholic restoration project. You can read more about the convoluted history of this lost album here and here.

Drum sessions resumed this weekend with a day dedicated to work on the Deniz Tek Group album. Ric was in again to handle the drum chores. Deniz and Ric hit it off and agreed to a follow up session later this spring when the next batch of material is ready.

There has also been discussions about a possible tour this summer. More about that as plans are made.


1 January, 2011
New Year - New Album

deniz tekIt was a busy couple of days at Career HQ. Deniz was in town to celibate the New Year. A guest appearance on Ron's radio show was followed by a bang up party. Colter Langan joined us for dinner and stayed around for the fireworks. Before heading back to the ranch, Deniz recorded demos for five new songs. He was happy to be back to work on the new DT Group album after a long delay.

Work on the DTG record and the Donovan's Brain album will continue in parallel. Colter will be in the studio next week to start work on four or five new songs. Another drum session with Ric Parnell is tentatively scheduled for the end of January. After that, Ric will start work with Deniz. The Brain are hoping to have at least 25 songs in the working column. Deniz' goal is fifteen songs to consider for his own record.


18 November, 2010
Radio Birdman - Penny Ikinger New Releases

Career Records is the exclusive source for Radio Birdman - Live In Texas and Penny Ikinger - Penelope cds.

radio birdman texasLive In Texas (Crying Sun Records) is a souvenier from Radio Birdman's second US tour which took place in the summer of 2007. The fifteen songs catch the band in fine form. Pip Hoyle wasn't able to tour this year due to a family emergency. The guitars fill the gap and roar through the selection of classics, covers and Zeno Beach material. A vinyl release has been promised



penelopePenny Ikinger's long awaited follow up to Electra is now out. Penelope (Citadel Records) has been in the works for some time now. Once again, most of the album was recorded at Hot House, with Craig Harnath at the helm. The cast of musicians include Deniz Tek, Charlie Owen, Ron Peno, Dimi Dero, Dave Graney and Claire Moore. Penny has expanded her musical playing field, but doesn't sacrifice any of the power.


Both are available from the Career Records Shop or directly from Citadel

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