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11 December, 2009
Back To Ann Arbor

blind pigDeniz is headed to Ann Arbor next week for the annual Rock 'n' Roll Revival Show. Scott Morgan is also on the bill. It promises to be non stop fun. Before he leave town, Deniz was planning to record demos for a solo album at Bob Brown's studio. There has been much discussion about this new album and the reissue of the proposed Citadel Years collection. Also on the books are the Radio Birdman Live In Texas and the Birdman box set. No release date has been set for any of this material. We'll let you know....

Richard Treece and Green Ray will be playing their annual Christmas gig tonight at The Plough Inn Walthamstow. On this side of the world, The Squirrels will be playing their final show, ending a 25 year run. Roy Loney is apparently flying up to join in on the fun.

You missed it, because you weren't invited. Last weekend Deniz organized the music for his work Xmas party. The Steve Brown band provided the bulk of the evening's entertainment. Towards the end of the evening there was a short set of Soul Movers songs, with Nina, our back up singer sitting in for Liz, who is in Sydney right now. We played five song from the album, to the delight of the staff. Nina turned center stage over to Deniz, and we played a three song mini-Deniz Tek Group set. It was the first time any of Den's co-workers had seen him play his own music. The short set included Breaks My Hears, Hand Of Law and the Velvet's Rock And Roll. Meanwhile there is talk of a Soul Movers US tour in July 2010.

Over at the I-94 Bar, they are posting Year End Top Ten lists. It's always an interesting read. I've sent them my list. Have a look Here

One more holiday note. Our close friend and near neighbor, Jason Lytle has recorded an album of instrumental music, which you can down load it at JasonLytle.com. He's also working on a new solo record.


29 November, 2009
"Song For Dave" December 13 Bridger Bowl Snow Film Of The Day Play Video


One of our current projects is recording music for the Bridger Bowl Snow Film Of The Day. My neighbor, Doug Wales, is the marketing director for this local, non-profit ski area. I suggested to him they use local musicians to supply the music for the films, an idea he agreed to. We are just now starting to put the word out to the musical community. We are searching the GLEA vaults for suitable music, and we are recording some new bits. Deniz and I have two new songs in the can, and Jason Lytle has given us an out take from his album. Our old friend Paul Rose has also handed over several tracks. The films are added every afternoon. There is talk of YouTube vids for us to repost, but for now, the Bridger Bowl site is where you'll find these.

Deniz is starting to write material for the next Deniz Tek Group record. We are also planning to start sorting out the session material for Bonne Route and Equinox. The rights to these records have reverted to Deniz. There are a set of mixes for Bonne Route prepared by Dave Weyer, which were not used. The material for Equinox has not been cataloged yet, but there is apparently a lot of un-used material and alternate versions. There are no release dates for either of these projects. We will keep you informed.


12 November, 2009
A Gift From The Past

flaming lipsTom Azure asked me if I had seen this collection that the Flaming Lips had put together. It's a mix tape of some of their favorite songs. When the Lips first played in Bozeman, they opened with Sparks from Tommy. I was very impressed. The next time they came around, I gave them some tapes from my collection. I guess they liked them.

Click on the image to enlarge it.


12 November, 2009
A Change In The Weather
Radio Birdman News - Deniz Tek Solo Album

snowFirst big storm of the year in SW Montana. We have been told to expect 30" by midnight.

Earlier this year, a large cache of Radio Birdman tapes were discovered in a Sydney recording Studio. There is now plans for a box set that will include this new material. According to Deniz the multi tracks from the famous Paddington Town Hall gig were one of the major finds. John Needham is cataloging the contents of the nearly 50 reels of audio and video tape.

Deniz in starting to formulate plans for his next solo album, his first since Equinox. Two tracks recorded with Donovan's Brain are being considered as part of the new record. We hope to record some demos, when Deniz returns to Bozeman in two weeks.



4 November, 2009
Donovan's Brain Seen And Heard In Radio Documentary

Keith Lockwood's radio documentary, Where The DJ's Roam has been released on DVD. The soundtrack features music by Donovan's Brain, Penny Ikinger, and The Armchair Explorers. Ron Sanchez, Colter Langan, Jim Kehoe and Ron Craighead are interviewed extensively for this film. A bonus feature adds a live on the air performance by Penny Ikinger and an extended interview with author Sarah Vowell. Where The Dj's Roam examines the state of independent radio in today's consolidated media environment, and the struggles of KGLT to survive as a listener supported radio station. Copies of the DVD can be purchased at the Career Shop.



18 October, 2009
Neighborhood News Makers

The local paper ran a full page interview with Jason Lytle in today's edition. You can download a PDF of the article Here if you want to read this.

Jason will be performing a few shows on the West Coast this week, in continued support of his new album. Go see him.

10/22  Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex
10/23  San Francisco, CA - The Independent 
10/24  Portland, OR - Dante's 
10/25  Seattle, WA - The Crocodile 






18 October, 2009
Digging Up Rock And Roll History

creamJack Sielaff, an old friend from San Jose, has been digging deep into his archives and uncovered a large stash of photos he and Pete Anderson took in the late 60's. There are three new photo galleries posted for your enjoyment. I will be adding more images from my collection as time permits. See them here

The photo at the left is Cream at Winterland, recording the live portions of Wheels Of Fire.






10 October, 2009
A Serious Radio Birdman Fan

helmetBrett Crossley, Operations Manager, Transwest Helicopters Ltd, Chilliwack BC  writes....

Hi Ron,

My name is Brett ,Im an Australian living in British Columbia ....
I found your web site and I wanted to forward some pics to deniz that he might be interested in.

I'm flying in Canada and have been a birdman fan since (well a while !) did covers (drummer) of all the detroit/ Aussie faves growing up in country Australia and I met deniz when dark carnival played in Sydney (whale beach)

Thanks, Brett.




29 September, 2009
Late Summer Diversion



20 September, 2009
Penny Ikinger Tour and new EP
Soul Movers On French Radio
Roy Loney And Senor No

Penny is currently in the middle of a solo tour of France and Spain. She has also released a three song Ep, previewing tracks from her forthcoming second album. Two of the songs can now be heard on Penny's MySpace page. Deniz Tek, Ron Sanchez, Dave Graney and Ron Peno are some of the musicians involved. A cover of the Velvets All Tomorrow's Parties rounds out the EP. Order it here.





The Soul Movers are interviewed and play a few acoustic songs live, Penny gets a spin, and Career gets a plug on French Radio on Aligre Fm




roy hot oneMeanwhile, Roy Loney has a new Spanish release with Senor No. The album is a mix of cover, remakes, and several new songs. We hope to have copies available soon. Roy has suggested it's time to start thinking about an album of all new material with the Longshots.

Now in stock, limited quanties at The Career Shop







8 September, 2009
Donovan's Brain - Minus 5 - Baseball Project- What Does This Mean?

minus 5
Linda Pitmon, Steve Wynn, RS, Scott McCaughey (holding his copy of the new Donovan's Brain cd) and Tour Manager Andre at Career HQ . Dinner and drinks were served at this low key reception for our visiting friends.

Here is a vid from the Athens show with Bill Berry and Mike Mills sitting in.



23 August, 2009
Roy Loney And The Phantom Movers - Reissued on Raven

roy loneyAfter years of wait and speculation, there is finally a legit CD release of the Roy Loney and the Phantom Movers recordings. The hightly reguarded Raven Records has assembled a tidy collection, A Hundred Miles An Hour 1978 - 1989, which picks 28 great titles from Roy's catalog. All of Out After Dark; plus selcted tracks from Artistic As Hell ep, the Phantom Tracks 12", Rock And Roll Dance Party, Fast And Loose, and Scientific Bombs Away. By my count, the only esential tune missing is Emmy Emmy, so hang on to your original vinyl.

Order it directly from Raven now or pick it up at your favorite shop or mail order site in mid-September. This one is a winner.


Roy A. Loney
Roy Loney & the Phantom Movers
Roy Loney
Roy Loney & the Phantom Movers


19 August, 2009
Donovan's Brain - Green 17

Another video preview from Fires Which Burnt Brightly. Green 17 is one of Colter's four contributions to the album. Deniz Tek takes the guitar solo on this one..


16 August, 2009
Soul Movers On Stage

soul moversThe Soul Movers, Lizzie Mack and Deniz Tek, made their live debut this week with shows in Billings and Bozeman. The band for these shows included Bob Brown on bass, Steve Brown on drums and vocals, Ron Sanchez on piano and organ, and Nina supplying the backing vocals.

The entire new album was performed along with three choice covers to fill out the set.  The band was encourage by the response and the pleasure of working together on stage. There is talk of more gigs in the future.


3 August, 2009
Soul Movers On Tour

Soul Movers Tour Poster

Lizzie Mack and Deniz hit the road with the Soul Movers. Two warm up dates in Montana have been booked for August. In September they will play a pair of gigs in Paris, sharing the bill with Penny Ikinger. There are six shows set for the Australian leg of the tour, in October.

14 August - The Rail Yard, Billings
15 August - The Filler, Bozeman
16 September - La Mecanique Paris
9 October - Brass Monkey, Cronullia
10 October - Wickham Park Hotel, New Castle
16 October - Notes, Enmore
17 October - The Heritage Hotel, Bulli
23 October - The Espy, St Kilda
24 October - Pure Pop Records, St Kilda

On The IN Side, the Soul Movers debut album will be released at the end of summer on the Cool Time label, distributed by Career. A single is out now on Munster.


3 August, 2009
Make A Noise Quietly

Donovan's Brain performing live at the Seattle Terrastock, 1999. There is now a Video page added to The Donovan's Brain site.

20, July, 2009
Wooden Horse

A video preview from the new Donovan's Brain album.

20 July, 2009
Donovan's Brain on YouTube Part 2

I just found someone had posted this... yikes, and a good story too.


20 July, 2009
Roy Loney And Cyril Jordan Part 2


Either way you say it, it spells FLAMIN GROOVIES!!! Dig their first time on stage together in the NYC environs since 1971! Kids, this is what we've all been wishin' and hopin' for-- the originators setting the woods on fire one more time again! Okay, two more times again!

Ride the rails to Hoboken on Thursday, then hop a hack to scenic Brooklyn on Friday to catch our heroes blastin' out killer after diller after chiller after driller! Backed by the A-Bones, who also open both shows at Maxwell's and the Southpaw. New A-Bones album just out plus advance copies of tour single will be available! Underthings start the racket rollin' at the Southpaw on Friday with wild sounds from their new offering, while Dave the Spazz wails on wax before, after and in between! Getcha tix while the gittin's still gittable! Tickets are flyin' fast so act pronto!

  • Thursday, July 23 Maxwells
  • Friday, July 24 Southpaw







18 July, 2009
Idle Minds Part 2

the board zeroed outEighteen months after we started work on the Donovan's Brain album, it is now done, and in the hands of the mastering engineer. The studio has been put back in order, and the board zeroed out. The next couple of months will be spent dealing with last minute details, preparing promotion, and enjoying the sudden pressure drop. The first sign of the latter has been the amount of time spent trekking around the local trails, riding my bike, and a two day excursion to Yellowstone with Angie Pepper and her family. It's been five years since Angie left Montana, and a lot has happened in that time. Karen and I had a fab time taking them around to some of our favorite sights in Y'stone. Visiting at the height of tourist season is usually considered folley by the locals. After nearly 30 years, I know my way around the park, and can ingnore all the crazed city slickers, and their insane behavior.

What's next? There are a lot of song ideas that have accumulated over the years that need to be looked at. I'll also spend a little time doing mixes of some early versions of a few of the Fires songs that exisit in different versions. Those will be posted on the Brain site if you are curious. Another project that I hope to tackle is the long considered remix of Tiny Crustacean Light Show. For many reasons best left unsaid, I have always felt that this album has never sounded like it was suppose to. Get Hip has never made this available for down load, so I feel like it's time to reclaim this piece, remix it and put it in circulation, via Career. Look for this next year.


5 July, 2009
Never More

ravenThe month of mixing the balance of the Brain album has not all been work. Karen and I took advantage of the Free Day In The National Parks, to make a mad dash down to Yellowstone. Despite the rain we had a grand time, as did this raven who was begging as we waited for a geyser to blow.

The next weekend we took a hike up to Beehive Basin, near Big Sky. Spending too much time locked in a studio when the weather is grand is not a good idea.



Bash It Down And Blow It Up

den and ron listenExactly 18 months after we laid the keel for the new Donovan's Brain album, we have declared it done. The first round of mixes were completed at the beginning of the week. After that, two were given a full remix. The month of June found progress stalled by technical issues, which sent back progress by a week. Everyone will live with it for a week to see if there are any annoying bits that need to be addressed. Deniz and I had the chance to listen to the final running order on a boom box at the Weyer Ranch while preparing for the 4th of July barbecue and fireworks barrage. There was a lot of smiling, and back slapping as each song came on. The cover art is being assembled to send to the printers and the audio will be mastered as soon as the producers have signed off on the finals. There is still much work to be done, but the fun part of the project seems to be on completed.



31 May, 2009
Road Trip, Green Pajamas and  More

green pajamas at Easy StreetOur trip to Seattle opened with a rare live performance by our friends, The Green Pajamas. The PJs were celebrating the releases of their new album Poison In The Russian Room with an in store at the West Seattle Easy Street. Our Australian visitor, Greg Martens had hoped to see the PJs play live which is not something that happens often. Laura Weller and Joe Ross also played with Capping Day, who opened the show. Several tracks from the new album were performed to the delight of the large crowd that showed up for the show. Afterwards, we gathered at Scott and Laura's place for a late night's visit. Jeff Arntsen joined us for the fun.

jeff ron and meganThis short but hectic trip was a chance to catch up with a lot of our Seattle friends including Hugh and Lesley Jones, Jim and Gretchen Sangter, Herman Jolly and Megan Pickerel, and of course Joey Kline.

Besides visiting and record shopping, we made the trip over to the EMP and Sci-Fi Museum. Good fun was had by all.

On the return trip we stopped in Missoula to celebrate Karen's birthday. This gave us a chance to stop in at Ear Candy and see John Flemming. We all left with loads of music in hand. The next stop was Bigh Fork and an afternoon at Glacier Park.



7 May, 2009
Donovan's Brain, The Soul Movers and the Radio

The new Donovan's Brain album has moved into the mixing stage. Three songs are now declared "completed". It is hoped that by the end of the weekend, six songs, nearly have the album will be in the finished folder. Deniz has booked a return visit to GLEA to supervise the mix of his two songs on the album, Vanished and Thinking About Neutrons. Jason Lytle dropped by the studio and got to hear the freshly minted mix of Colter's songs I Saw Your Light, which he had contributed to. You can read about the progress of album in a Studio Diary which is posted on the Donovans-Brain.net page.

Deniz has also discussed releasing the Soul Movers cd via Career. We are still discussing the arrangement for this new subsidiary imprint. More about that soon. This will be released in tandem with the Donovan's Brain album. Look for both in September.

After numerous requests, Ron's radio show is now avalable from the streaming archive which you can access on the KGLT play lists page. At the moment there is no plan to upload any previous shows, but this is a possibility in the future.


1 May, 2009
Roy Loney And Cyril Jordan - Ponderosa Stomp

roy loney cyril jordan and the a-bones

Roy and Cyril's appearance at the 2009 Poderosa Stomp was apparently a smashing sucess. Jon Pareles covered the show for the New York Times, giving the San Francisco boys major coverage and a great photo. Joel Selvin reviewed the gig for the San Francisco Chronicle. The A-Bones supplied the backing, along with Ira Kaplin from Yo La Tengo. That's Miriam Linna behind Roy in the photo above.

When Roy recovers, I'll ask him for a summary.

Billy Miller, Cyril Jorda, and Roy Loney

Billy Miller shakes some action on the maracas.






25 April, 2009
Spring Career Records Board Meeting

deniz tekDeniz in now back in Montana , and should be here for most of the remainder of the year. He took advantage of his first weekend off to come over to Bozeman to visit. His Friday arrival allowed for an extended interview on KGLT. We debuted the Soul Movers album, and spun some favorite records. One exciting bit of new from Australia was the recent dicovery of what appears to be all the Radio Birdman multi-track masters which had somehow been shipped to Albert Studios. There was the tantalizing suggestion of several unreleased songs. The New Race masters were also in the mountain of tapes.

On Saturday, we retired to the studio to add a few more bits of guitar and some background vocals. Tony Miller sent over his second contribution to the Donovan's Brain album, which we previewed, and fully approved. Before dinner we were also treated to a sneak peek at the new Radio Birdman album Deniz has prepared. More about this soon.



18 April, 2009
Roy Loney

Roy Loney has been having a good month. The Flamin' Groovies were featured on the Bob Dylan Radio Show. Cyril and Roy are huge Dylan fans, so this is a major acknowledgement for them.

ponerosa stompRoy and Cyril with the A-Bones backing them, will be one of the featured artsits at the 8th Annual Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans.  This will mark the first time the two original Groovies front men have played together in a while, and the first major appearence together since Roy left the band in 1971. Be there on Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 to see this historic reunion.


Donovans Brain - Work In The Hit Factory

ifdAs work on Fire Which Burnt Brightly continues, the band has been joined by Tony Miller from Ideal Free Distribution and neighbor Lila Cebulla who will be adding background vocals and other interesting bits. Deniz is now back in Montana, and will spend next weekend in Bozeman for the annual Spring Career Board Of Directors meeting. It's likely Deniz will be asked to pick up the guitar for one last round of overdubs.  Donovan's Brain were recently name checked in a review of the new Dora Flood release seen on Mike Bennett's Hablo Ennui Blog.


National Record Store Day

jason at cactusJason Lytle entertained a good size audience at Cactus Records, in downtown Bozeman today. He'll be back out on the road soon, with a swing through Europe and a West Coast tour, opening for Neko Case. We highly recommend you get out to see him.

You can see the little video I took of one of the new songs performed over at jasonlytle.com





12 April, 2009
Joey Kline In Montana

Karen, Joey, Ron, and JudyJoey Kline made his annual visit to Montana last week, and treated us with a solo performance at Bert And Ernie's. The gig was well attended by a large group of friends and family. Several songs from the new Joey Now collection were performed, along with several numbers from the third Plaintiffs album. Much fun was had. We were joined by Tom Azure for post gig drinks. On Saturday, we met up again for breakfast at the No Sweat, and later toured the State Capital and art museums.





2 April, 2009
Blizzards And Brains

guitars at gleaThe last of the principal work on the new Donovan's Brain album was completed at the end of March. With drums and bass now wrapped, attention has turned to the finish work. Tracks are being assessed, notes are being made, and calls are going out to all hands. If all goes well, final mixing should commence sometime in May. Deniz will be back in Montana in a week. A spring board meeting will be scheduled to discuss the state of this project. It will also give us a chance to listen to the Soul Movers album. More about both soon. For now you can follow the progress on Fires Which Burnt Brightly over on the Donovan's Brain site.





23 March, 2009
New Music

boatclubOne of the perks of being on the radio is the steady supply of new music which appears in my mailbox. A surprise package from Matt Piucci (Rain Parade, Viva Saturn and the Billy Talbot Band) contained one of the most exciiting new records I've had in a while. Communications with Matt reminded me that there was a solo album of his that I'd never heard. A quick search turned up a copy.


ifd2009 his shaping up to be a great year for modern psychedelic music. Our friend Valis, the host of the Trip Inside This House Blog and a radio show of the same name at KDHX, introduced me to the music of Ideal Free Distribuution. Both of their albums have been regular items on the hi-fi, and on my radio show.



Reviews have been posted on the Reports page.



10 March, 2009
More Brain Activity

surfWork on the Donovan's Brain album has again moved forward with recording sessions in Melbourne, Powell, and at two studios in Bozeman. Deniz Tek took time from work on the Soul Mover's new album to add Liz McKenzie's vocals to his own song, Vanished, a song originally written for Birdman's Zeno Beach. Den asked if it might work for the Brain record, and would I consider it. I sent it back with a cople of arrangement ideas, and a concept that might be worth a try. The arrangement was reworked again when the track was recorded last November. Two sets of lyrics were written and recorded, when the first effort was deemed "too depressing".

yours truely the commuterCloser to home, Jason Lytle has added vocals, piano and other sounds to Colter's I Saw Your Light. This track has was written and recorded for Great Leap Forward, but not used. I started working on it again while we were recording A Defeat Of Echoes, but it was never considered for that album. When we started collecting material for the new album it was again put on the list. New drums and lead vocals have been added, and this updated track suggested something that Jason might like to try. He managed to get to this while recording a B-side for his new album, Yours Truely The Commuter. Fans of Grandaddy will want to try and catch one of his show on the road to SXSW and any one of the five showcase gigs at the Austin event. We are pleased to have him on the new album.

Jason Lytle's SXSW Dates:

19 March - Room 710 (Pirate/Epitaph Party)
20 March - Flamingo Cantina (Under the Radar Party)
20 March - Central Presbyterian Church
21 March - The Mohawk (Hot Freaks Party)
21 March - Waterloo Park (Mess With Texas)
21 March - Home Slice Pizza (The Ship Party)

boundary trail yellowstoneAs the last major work on the album is being carried out, I decided to radically remake the bridge on my song, Broken Glass Corner. Now it looks like I might have some lyrics for the section, which won't do anything to clarify the obscure verses I've written for the song. And out in Ohio, Bob Sutliff has been busy finishing up his contributions to the new album in anticipation of up coming overdub sessions scheduled for later this month.




5 March, 2009
Downtown Bozeman Hit By Gas Explosion

bozeman explosionSome of our friends around the world have heard there was a massive explosion in downtown Bozeman, Montana. Career HQ is just a few blocks from the epicenter of today's disaster. Luckily the blast occured in the early morning, after a heavy snow, so traffic was light at 8.12 am. I was sitting here at the computer when the house was hit by the shock wave from the blast. It was obvious it was something serious. A few minutes later I got a report that a building on Main Street had blown up. In reality, it was four historic buildings that had been destroyed by what is assumed to be a gas explosion. Three popular bars, two restaurants and at least two other business were wiped out or damaged by the event. Sadly this all comes just as several years of major impovements to the downtown area of Main Street were nearing completion.


26 February, 2009
Today's History Lesson

yardbirds 1966While rebuilding the photo albums, I ran across a load of old rock show images I'd been collecting as they turned up. You may enjoy this collection of odds and sods. I have more I'll put up when I can get them all in one place.  It is amazing how many people took pictures but are only now making them available.

I went to see the Yardbirds a few weeks after this, but Jeff Beck had decided to stay in LA with his girlfriend, Mary Hughes. It would be one of the first time's Jimmy Page played lead guitar for the Yardbirds.

See what other great images I've discovered, and a few from my own collection - here.





13 February, 2009
Meet The Neighbors

Jason Lytle isn't on Career Records, but he's a close friend and a near neighbor. He's also got a great new album coming shortly. Yours Truly, The Commuter is Jason's first solo album following a very productive run with the California based band, Grandaddy. For the last few years, Jason has been living across town, making music and exploring every bike trail, skate park and ski hill in Montana. He's been a regular guest at Career HQ, and done some recording at GLEA, for various projects. There is talk of Jason lending a hand on the new Donovan's Brain album. He might have been disappoitned that his contribution to Roy Loney's record ended up on the cutting room floor, but he never showed it.

This is part one of a two part Electronic Press Kit for Your's Truly The Commuter. Jason discusses the songs on his album and shows off some of his home movies taken around the area. You will find part two here. It looks like Jason will be coming to your town to play his new songs for you, and probably entertain requests for your favorite Gandaddy tunes. I think he said something about a trip to SXSW, so make plans now.

You can listen to an interview he did with Ron up at KGLT, the first public airing of the new album. Just click here.



5 February, 2009
Soulful Summer In Australia

Deniz has been in the studio with Liz McKenzie, recording tracks for her album . Three tracks were recorded last summer, two originals and a  a cover . Nine more songs have been recorded, rounding out the album. There are plans for an advance 45 on Munster in 2009. Deniz s has sent this sort note:

"We managed to nail down 9 more backing tracks plus final vocals on about
half of those, in 2 days. Hard but rewarding work.

I think you will like the cover of "Dead".

There is another track that needs a male vocal counterpoint and we are
getting Ron P. from Died Pretty to do that one.

I managed to get a superb tone on the guitar parts using an old Gibson 330
thru a Hiwatt. Very similar to your Casino that I am in love with!"

There plans also include recording lead vocals for one of Deniz' contributions to the new Donovan's Brain album. The song, titled Vanished, was written for Radio Birdman, but didn't make the final cut. The new version has a new set of lyrics, and a more up tempo raw arrangement. Meanwhile, back in Montana, Ron and Colter are finishing up the lead vocals for Fires Which Burnt Brightly.


23 January, 2009
Welsh Guitar Wizard Micky Gee RIP


The name may not be familiar to all of you, but Dave Edmunds fans may recognize the name. Micky Gee was guitarist for Tom Jones and the Squires. He later played in the final incarnation of Love Sculpture, the band that toured the US. I don't believe he's on any of the recordings. Terry Williams was also a member of that line up.

In the early 70's he formed Memphis (Memfis) Bend, and fab rock-a-billy trio. They had two singles and an album out on UA. That band included Lincoln Carr on bass, and Tommy Riley on drums. Deke Leonard, from Man recorded their song Louisiana Hoedown for a single, with Memphis Bend backing him. Micky Gee was also a member of Geriant Watkins and the Dominators. After the break up of Rockpile, Edmunds put together a new band which was essentially that last version of Love Sculpture: Micky Gee, John David (aka John Williams) with Dave Charles on drums and Geriant Watkins on piano.

I'm sure there are a lot of recordings I don't know of or can't remember. He apparently played with Clapton, but I'm not sure when... From what I understand, he's been playing locally with the Racketers, yet another all star Welsh bar band. The Memphis Bend recordings are pretty amazing. The album and singles are pretty hard to find. A couple of other tracks appear on compilations. Deke Leonard gave me a tape of some home demos which are incredible. The ranks of the Welsh guitar wizards seems to be thinning at an alarming rate. Clive Roberts, who had been playing in the recent incarnation of Deke Leonard's iceberg, died a year ago. And sadly Micky Jones from Man has been incapacitated by a brain tumor for a few years now.

17 January, 2009
Idle Minds Are The Devil's Plaything

dinoDue to the recent plague of Skelesaurs in Bozeman, we have been forced indoors for safety. While they are usually not dangerous, a drunken unemployed mall Santa was apparently eaten by an angry adult member of the local herd.

To pass the time, the Career Records site is going through a major redesign. The lamps have been burning till all hours of the night in the Career IT office. This follows the rebuild of Donovans-Brain.net.



dreamMeanwhile, work on the Donovan's Brain album has resumed after the Winter Solstice break. Colter has been in to add vocals to a couple of his new songs. Further work is planned for next week. Bassist, Bob Brown is scheduled to visit Bozeman at the end of the month to see what sort of damage he can do. Deniz will be working on his song, Vanished, which was recorded with Bob in Billings last November. 

Ron Sanchez has been commissioned to write songs for an un-named California band. More about that when we know something.


15 January, 2009
New Year Old Friends Ron Ashton 1948 - 2009

Ron Ashton PowertraneThe rock and roll world lost one of the great innovators with the passing of Stooges guitarist Ron Ashton.







15 January, 2009
The Prisoner Escapes

Number 6Actor Patrick McGoohan best known for his role as Number 6 in the 60's TV series The Prisoner has also left us.

• theprisoneronline.com











6 January, 2009
Our Friends Make Music Too

jason lytle at SFOOur close friend and near neighbor Jason Lytle was recently in the Bay Area, and was invited to play one of a special series of concerts at San Francisco International Airport. Read a detailed report here.

Jason's new album Yours Truly, the Commuter is scheduled for release May 19th on the famous Anti label. The first bits of official press can be seen here. Ron Sanchez interviewed Jason on his radio show back in September and they discussed the new record. You will find it archived on the Reports page.
• myspace/jasonlytle
• jasonlytle.com