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Career CDS/CLP-8035
Released August 2013

1. Miles Away
2. Hangman's Walk
3. The Bad Times Will Do Me Good
4. You Won't Break My Heart
5. Don't Kill The Messenger
6. 20000 Miles

1. Can't Go Back
2. American Slang
3. Make Up My Mind
4. Up Down Or Sideways
5. The Way You Let Me Down
6. Get Out Of My Mind

Niklas Vahlberg - vocals and rhythm guitar
Hans Ostlund - lead and fuzztone guitars
Bjorne Froberg - bass and backing vocals
Joakim Werning - drums and percussion

Chips Kiesbye - backing vocals, guitars, timpani and tubular bells
The Duke Of Honk - piano and organ

Produced by Chips Kiesbye
Recorded in Sweden on The Planet Of Noise Mobile Recording Unit and Gutterview Recorders









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Solna Loaded Deluxe Edition

The Nomads storm back with their first new American release in 12 years. Solna – Loaded Deluxe Edition is a fully modified version of the original 2012 Swedish only release. Three newly recorded tracks have been added to this fortified Career Records debut.

Thirty years on, the Nomads have produced their strongest album yet. The current lineup has spent the last 20 years honing their sound, live and in the studio.  Solna – Loaded Deluxe is the distilled essence of what the Nomads are known for. The formula is simple: a strong front man – Nick Vahlberg, guitar hero – Hans Ostlund, powerhouse drummer – Joakim Werning, and multi threat bassist/song writer – Bjorne Froberg.

The eleven original songs showcase the Nomads hard rockin’ side as well as their melodic skill. Solna kicks off swinging both fists with Miles Away and the fuzz drenched Hangman’s Walk. Never afraid to tip their hats to their influences, the specter of Blue Oyster Cult is cast over the moody The Bad Times Will Do Me Good.

Don’t Kill The Messenger, the first of the three new songs is added seamlessly to the track list. Side 2 of the re-sequenced album opens with Can’t Go Back, another Nomads classic. The Nomads have always shown a good ear for covers. Jack Oblivian’s American Slang proves to be a wise choice. Make Up My Mind might be the big surprise, with chiming guitars in the style of the Flamin’ Groovies.

The album winds up and out with a well-executed hat trick. Up Down Or Sideways is another garage rocker. The Way You Let Me Down just might take a tip from a Buddy Holly influenced Roky Erickson. The Nomads have long championed Roky’s songs and recently had the pleasure of backing him on a rare Swedish festival date. The final track, and the last of the new additions, Get Out Of My Mind ends Solna – Loaded Deluxe Edition on a perfect high note.

The Career Records board of directors has long admired the music of the Nomads and shares a friendship which extends back nearly 20 years. When approached about the possibility of releasing a new Nomads record, we didn’t hesitate to say yes. Solna – Loaded Deluxe Edition exceeded our expectations. We will be offering both a CD and vinyl release which will be available worldwide.