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Deniz Tek

bandThe Deniz Tek catalog remains mostly out of print in 2010. Only Equinox and the mail order only Got Live are currently available from Citadel. A proposed solo years collection has now been shelved. Career Records has two Deniz Tek Group projects in the works.

Deniz has begun work on a new DTG album. Two songs were recorded in January. Several more songs are under consideration. Recording will resume in the Spring, when Deniz returns from Australia. The Deniz Tek Group is now Deniz on guitars and vocals, Steve Brown on drums, Bob Brown on bass, and Ron Sanchez on keyboards.

Also under construction is a reissue of Equinox and Bonne Route. The rights to these records have reverted to Deniz. Rather than a straight repressing of these titles, Deniz and producer David Weyer have decided to assemble alternate versions of both. Two sets of mixes for Bonne Route were made. The original release was mixed by Kent Steedman. Dave Weyer also mixed the album. Additional material was also recorded but not used. Some of these songs were rerecorded for Equinox. Again, alternate versions of some of the material was recorded during the sessions. Add to this home demos, studio demos, and rehearsals which are being examined.

Deniz hasn't decided how this material will be presented. On idea is to combine the best tracks into something that might be called Bonne Equinox. When Dave Weyer completes his research of the studio archives, we will meet to catalog all the material and decide how to proceed.

A DTG release was penciled in for 2011, but shelved when work began on the new solo album now called Detroit. .


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