Career Records CDS/CLP – 3001
Release Date: September 6, 2019

Side 1

1. John Henry’s Hammer
2. Path Of Most Resistance
3. Bo Diddley Is A Surfer
4. When The Trouble Comes
5. Alone In The End Zone

Side 2

6. Shanghai Cab
7. Death Of The Mood
8. Death Note
9. Now That You’re Gone
10. Truck For Christmas

Deniz Tek - guitar, vocals
Steve Godoy- drums
Art Godoy - bass

Prduced by Bob Brown
Recorded at Ships In Billings

Cover Design by Anne Tek


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Fast Freight



Deniz Tek, originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is known as a founding member of the Australian based band Radio Birdman. His prolific career spans five decades encompassing both live performance and recording with countless bands.

Fast Freight is the new album from Deniz Tek and the Godoys. Art and Steve Godoy have previously recorded with Deniz as The Golden Breed and Last Of The Bad Men. They have also served as Deniz’s solo touring band for over 25 years. The twins are internationally known skateboard stars, tattooists and punk rockers.

Fast Freight was recorded over just two days at Bob Brown's Ship's In Studio in Billings, Montana. The trio played live and loud direct to 8-track tape. The new album is basic, no-frills electric guitar rock and roll, recorded and mixed entirely on vintage analog equipment.

Deniz has written nine new songs for Fast Freight. The album is rounded out by a new recording of the Birdman number Alone In The End Zone.

Following last year’s all-instrumental Lost For Words, and the 2016 rock album Mean Old Twister, Fast Freight is a stripped-down return to basic roots.

Deniz is enjoying a very creative period. Fast Freight his his forth album in six years for Career Records.