La Bonne Route, Remade
-the raw material


Unlike the two previous Deniz Tek albums, this one was recorded by a band that had been playing together for over a year. Deniz only met Kent and Nik Reith when he walked into the rehearsal studio to begin work on Outside. Tours of Australia and Europe supporting Outside had fine tuned the musical senses, make the Deniz Tek Group a potent combo.

When I was in Australia, I heard more than once, that Outside was considered the better of the two DTG studio albums. It's a no nonsense rock album. Those songs played live took on a new life bridging the gap between the two very different albums. Le Bonne Route was a much more adventurous affair. All but two of the songs were collaborations, with Deniz and Kent Steedman being the primary writers.

So, over the ten months this album was in developement a fair amount of material was demoed, recorded and remixed. There are at least two contemporary live recordings in the mountain of tapes we have access to.

What might actually make up the reissue of Bonne Route is still a long way from being determined. There are a couple of factors that shape that decision. Bonne Route and the two related EPs are out of print and the rights have reverted to Deniz. On the other hand, Outside and the 444-Number Of The Beat are owned by Polygram. They have shown no interest in putting this back in print or returning the rights and masters to Deniz.

Luckily, Deniz has a copy of the Feburary 1995 demos recorded in Sydney. As you can see, these include the demo versions of the three original songs from the 444 EP. There are also demos for Heavy Air and "Working Man's Blues", which were re-recorded for the Bad Road EP.

Most interesting are the original instrumental, Booyong Call, Novatel Blues, and a lively cover of George Harrison's Taxman. The live recording from Rome, July 19, 1996, also includes a version of Booyong Call with Kent on didgeridoo.



February 1995 - "live demos"
Slaughter House, Sydney.


September 1995 - "basement Demos
Deniz' House, Billings

  1. My Wall
  2. Working Mans Blues
  3. Ze Good Way (no vox)
  4. Booyong Call
  5. Taxman
  6. Ghost Rider
  7. Dreaming Tube
  8. Clear Itself
  9. Salted Leeches 1
  10. Salted Leeches 2
  11. Heavy Air
  12. Prelude For Hondo's Dog
  13. Shellback*
  14. Mesazoic Cave
  15. Novatel Blues
    *released on the 1996 Italian Tour EP.


  1. Lunatics At The Edge 2.32 °
  2. Serf To Surf 3.20 °
  3. Angels 44 1.03 °
  4. I Want You Back 1.16 °
  5. After The Gold Front 4.19 °
  6. Imaginary Man 2.14 +
  7. Hot Chili 2.45 +
  8. Wake Up Song - Good Morning 3.51 +
  9. Away From Here 2.26 +
  10. 30 Miles Of Bad Road 3.06 +
  11. Raw Oyster Jam #1 1.07 +
  12. Raw Oyster Jam #2 1.04 +
  13. Agua Caliente 2.02 +
  14. Tubular Dreams mk2 3.00 +
  15. Billy Was A Cathar 3.36 °
    ° - band demos
    + -writing demos



In December 1995, record was complete and the mix process began. During the course of the session, several mixes for each song were created. At this point it became clear that Kent had a much different concept than Deniz and Dave. In the end, the final master favored Kent's mixes. This was probably due to Kent's strong personality.

With the chance to reconsider that 1995 decision, Dave has given us all the unused mixes from the original session. In many cases these are radically different from the released versions.



  1. Cathar Mix Rough
  2. Cathar Mix Den More Vocal
  3. Cathar Less Vocal
  4. Surf Rough
  5. Surf Guit Down In Lead
  6. Away
  7. Away Vocal Fix
  8. Away Less Drums
  9. Imagi Man
  10. Imagi Man Kent Mix
  11. Rabbits Foot
  12. Rabbits Foot Edit
  13. Tubular
  14. Tubular No Back Vocal
  15. Daves Insanity
  16. WAFTY Toms Gone


  1. Saucer (Scratch)
  2. Saucer (Less Tamb)
  3. Saucer (Kent Mix)
  4. VMO (Den Kent)
  5. VMO (Less Vocal)
  6. Clear
  7. Good Way
  8. Leeches
  9. Lunatics (Don't Use)
  10. Bad Road
  11. Lunatics (Less Snare)
  12. WAFTY Mix (Gtrs.. Mix)
  13. Clear (More Snare Bass)
  14. Surf (low OTB Less Snare)



Of the fifteen songs recorded in Billings, only one these recordings has never been issued.

Billy Was A Cathar was re-recorded for the Equinox album. Agua Caliente, and Shellback were demoed and rehearsed, though no finshed versions from the Bonne Route sessions have surfaced.

Bad Road appeared on the Citadel EP of the same name. The song "1968" from that EP was originally demoed for the Outside album.

•The Italian Tour EP '96 featured five songs from the Bonne Route sessions.
Surf OTB and Without A Face (WAFTY) are exclusive to this compilation. The other three: Tubular Dreams, Lunatics At The Edge Of The World, and VMO ultimately appeared on the album. The version of VMO on the EP was mixed by Dave Weyer, and is a different mix than the lp version. The sixth track on the EP, Shellback was recorded at the February demo session.

Novotel Blues and "Question Is" were later recorded for the second Deep Reduction lp. A demo version of the latter, titled After The Gold Front, appears on the "basement demos" tape in a very different form. The original version is a very psychadelic number performed by Kent and Deniz.




During the course of the fall 1995 recording sessions, The Deniz Tek Group played five concerts:Bozeman, Phoenix, San Diego, LA and San Francisco. The San Francisco gig was at The Bottom Of The Hill opening for Kyuss.

The October 25th show at the Filling Station in Bozeman was supporting Mad Scene.The 13 song setlist featured material from the recently released Outside album.



The Filling Station, Bozeman 25, October 1995

  1. Blood From A Stone
  2. Condition Black
  3. What Gives
  4. Give It Up
  5. Salted Leeches
  6. Pipeline
  7. Descent Into The Maelstrom
  8. Brother John mp3 (4.46mb)
  9. Run Out Of Water
  10. Rabbits' Foot
  11. Day To Ride
  12. Smith And Wesson Blues
  13. Outside


19th July, Roma, Italy

  1. Run Out Of Water
  2. Rough Slide Drag
  3. Instrumental
  4. Condition Black
  5. Tubular Dreams
  6. Blood From A Stone
  7. Salted Leeches
  8. Steel Beach
  9. Surf OTB
  10. Hand Of Law
  11. Searching
  12. Mesazoic Cave
  13. Outside
  14. Booyong CAll
  15. Lunatic At The Edge Of The Universe
  16. Smith And Wesson Blues
  17. Away From Here
  18. I Got A Right


By the time the DTG embarked on their Italian tour in the summer of 1996, several more songs from Bonne Route had been added to the set.

Neither of these shows were recorded with the intention of seeing a release, but rather just a document of this extrodinary band live on stage. I suspect a few of these live recordings will appear on the expanded reissue.


A Few Words